Our $26k Wedding in the Bay Area

20170618_JS_portraits-0083.jpgLast year, we got married in the Bay Area. It took a solid month of planning plus 6 months of lead time, but it all came together in the end. I thought it’d be fun to share our planning and the thought process behind it, as I solidly stalked  r/weddingplanning and A Practical Wedding while planning ours, and loved reading other peoples’ budgets.

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Hand-Washing My Wedding Dress

As I talked about before, we were lucky enough to have two weddings: one in the US, and one in the Middle East with my partner’s family. I wanted to wear the same dress for both, but being a giant feather duster, the dress picked up quite a bit of dirt after the first wedding and needed a good cleaning. (This is the same dress I later sold on eBay.) As someone who basically avoids the dry-cleaner like the plague, and wasn’t very confident about our local dry cleaner’s ability to handle wedding dresses, I decided to do some research and hand-wash my wedding dress at home in my bathtub. This is my experience! (Please note that your results may vary, and you should do some thorough research before proceeding based on your particular dress design.)Read More »

Getting Married in the Middle East

Post-wedding sightseeing.

I’m from a multicultural background. I’m ethnically Asian, grew up in a Western country, and moved to the US for school + work, where I’ve been living for the past 10+ years. I love reading blogs about cultural differences (A Cup of Jo‘s motherhood series comes to mind), so in this post, I thought I’d share some of my experiences. In particular, my experience having a wedding in the Middle East.Read More »