Combining Households (aka Adventures in Craigslist)

IMG_20180216_103042 (1).jpg
Dueling sofas.

When my partner moved in, we basically had duplicate households. He had been in the US for about 7 years at that point, and I had been here for 11. So! We had duplicate everything: 2x tables, 2x chairs, 2x couches, 2x beds, 2x TVs, 2x cars, 2000x misc cables, and so on. My condo was a mess when the movers first dropped off his stuff! (He himself arrived about a week later.)

We had to figure out what to keep, and what to get rid of. Neither of us have super nice things – think IKEA and Target. But it was still fun because we got to pick and choose the best of our stuff, so it felt like a free upgrade. At some point, we probably do want to upgrade to nicer versions of some things: namely, cushion-y things like our couch and mattress, where I feel that higher prices really can correlate to better comfort. But for now, we’ll make do with IKEA 🙂

After we decided what to keep, we had to figure out how to get rid of everything else. I’d been a pretty regular Craigslist user in my past (student) life, so I figured I’d try Craigslist first, and donate the overflow to the Salvation Army. (Although donation might’ve been a better choice from the start, since we don’t really need the money, and it would’ve saved time. I guess old Craigslist habits die hard.) In any case, this was the first time that I’d tried Craigslist out here in a less populated area (rather than urban areas like NYC / NJ), and it was definitely way more challenging.Read More »

2017 Closet Inventory

I love reading closet inventory posts! My original inspiration was Franish, and others I’ve seen around the web like Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair. For the past couple of years, I’ve kept a detailed Google Doc of my current inventory, color-coded according to needs (regular, missing, needs tailoring, needs replacement). Here’s a screenshot of part of my spreadsheet:

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 7.07.48 PM

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