10×10 Challenge

I don’t keep a capsule closet, but I do enjoy reading about them. The OCD planner side of me loves the idea of assembling collections of clothes, puzzling over the different combinations, and making neat little lists 😛 So when Un-Fancy and Stylebee rolled out their spring 2018 challenge, I decided to cave in to the little planner voice in my head, and try out the challenge!

Unfortunately, reality is very different from what I had imagined. The challenge came at a particularly busy time at work, so when Friday (the first day of the challenge) hit, I had done zero planning, arghhh. I came up with a new scheme: I would pick out my favorite clothes naturally each day, trying to reuse as much as possible from the previous days. When I reached 10 items, I would stop picking new items, and instead remix those 10 items. This greedy approach would hopefully represent the “core” of my style.

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Clothing Budget: March 2018 Purchases

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 9.06.34 AM.png

This is my monthly clothing budget series. And all I can say is: budget = blown. Although my budget renewed for this spring season, I spent nearly all of it in a single month! I think it has to do with a big proposal deadline I had at work this month. Stress = online shopping = BAAD.Read More »

Clothing Budget: February 2018 Purchases

February 2018 purchases.

This was a pretty light shopping month for me. I haven’t felt the impulse to shop as much over the past year, because of two factors: (1) I unsubscribed from most of the fashion blogs I used to follow, and (2) after a few years on the job, I’ve pretty much bought all new clothes necessary for the job and the relocation. I still enjoy shopping, and will browse sales online, but don’t go to the mall much anymore unless it’s a social event with my relatives, who really love shopping 🙂Read More »