Cost Per Mile from a Year of Biking and Driving

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Ride or die drive?

I live in southern California, where everyone drives, lives, and breathes (literally) car. The public transportation system isn’t that good out here; there’s no subway in my city, and trains are spotty unless you happen to be going at exactly commuter hours (how I miss you, 24/7 NYC subway!) I try to bike to nearby places if possible, and use the car on the weekend for errands. I know that the car costs more, but it covers more miles; while the bike costs less, but also travels less distance. I wondered, what’s the cost per mile, based on data from a year of usage?Read More »

Bike Commuting as a Female Professional


I bike to and from work everyday, and have been doing so for the past 8 years. Although my current job’s work attire is relaxed (my colleagues range from t-shirt + shorts to button-down + slacks), I tend to lean towards the business casual end of the spectrum. Dark-wash jeans and a nice top, or a knee-length dress are pretty standard for me. The photo on the right shows an example of an outfit of one of my typical work outfits.

I’m not one of those intense bikers with the ad-plastered specialized cycling clothing. I bike to and from work in normal clothes. Why and how do I do it?Read More »