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Hi! I’m a twenty-something (well, nearly thirty) woman who works as a professor in STEM during the day. By night, I sometimes work, and sometimes decompress by rambling on this blog.

Topics: This blog covers a couple of topics that I’m interested in: fashion, personal finance, travel, home improvement, and any other random thoughts that float into my mind. I don’t want to be locked into a particular box – if I think I have something interesting to say about a topic, I will write about it.

Goals: I’m hoping this blog will be both a way to connect with other people, and also to document my own internal thoughts. When I was 12 years old, I faithfully kept a journal for about a year. Recently, I re-discovered the journal, and reading through it was a blast from the past. While I doubt I’ll be keeping this blog for 20 years, even looking back on blog entries from a few months ago is fun. Also, the act of writing down my thoughts helps me refine them. Finally, I’m hoping to contribute a unique perspective to the blogosphere, as a woman in STEM in academia.

My story: I grew up in another Western country, moved to the US for undergrad, and graduated with my PhD in STEM a few years ago. I previously lived on the East coast, but recently moved cross-country to California to start my first full-time job, as a tenure-track professor at a research university. Around the same time, I got married to my partner after many years of a long-distance relationship. We are DINKs (double-income no kids) who are learning how to spend save our newfound income after many years as poor grad students 🙂

My career-oriented posts, which are probably closest to my heart, are: