Clothing Budget: January & February 2019


Clothing budget time! Despite being rather silent on the blog, my credit card has still been active πŸ™‚ These are mostly purchases that I’ve been thinking about for a while, or replacements for old items, so I feel confident that they’ll get good use. I didn’t shop at all in March (woo!), and a bit in April, so I’ll be catching up with those budgets shortly.

I also started keeping a Pinterest wishlist, inspired by Xin. So far, it’s been helping me clear all the shopping thoughts out of my overstuffed brain. Plus, seeing a pictoral representation of all my wishlist items made me realize: I’m really into black and white?

Anyway, on to the shopping!

  • Sweater coat (Madewell, $110): I bought this as a longer version of my J Crew sweater blazer, which has gotten lots of use over the winter. Lots of reviews said that the Madewell version pilled, which I’m sad to say is quite true. But not as bad as I was expecting! A regular sweater shaving clears it up nicely. The coat is weighty in a comforting way, and it’s the right thickness for our California winters.
  • Cigarette jeans (Everlane, $80): I had two pairs of J Brand Maria skinny jeans, one in dark blue and one in black, but for some reason I found that the black ones irritated my skin, and tended to collect visible, um, skin flakes quite rapidly (I wash my jeans every couple of wears). I also wanted to change to a more straight leg cigarette style. After liking my Everlane skinny jeans quite a lot, I decided to try their cigarette jeans. Pros: They look nice and the stretch is comfortable. Cons: They’re unsurprisingly not as nice quality as the J Brands (the fabric isΒ  rougher to the touch), the inseam is too short for my tastes (just above the ankle), and they have an annoying button fly that I didn’t expect. But they’re definitely serviceable.
  • Maxi dress (Revolve, $40): We’re going to a wedding in the Bay Area this month! And the dress code is black tie?! I didn’t really want to splurge on a dress for one-time use, so I browsed a whole bunch on Rent the Runway, where there were some decent options. But then this purple chiffon maxi dress caught my eye, somewhere deep in the sale section at Revolve. Still need to get it hemmed though.
  • Necklace (Mejuri, $65): This is my catching up with the coin necklace trend. My old “everyday” necklaces from Nordstrom was tarnishing, so I needed a replacement. I’ve found this Mejuri necklace quite versatile so far, although it was a bit smaller than I expected from the pics (seems like a common trend with Mejuri. Minimalist style = tiny). I’m also recently liking the Mejuri Iris necklace, which has more of an “antique” vibe, but I don’t know if I really need two coin necklaces…
  • Sandals (Cole Haan, $100): My old sandals were looking quite worn down, so I figured it was time for a refresh. Although I’m not a big fan of the “toe thong” type sandals (is that appropriate terminology? πŸ˜› ), Kat‘s praise convinced me to try these out. I haven’t worn them out and about yet, as it’s still not yet hot enough here, but they feel very cushy. I like how the metallic horizontal strap blends is close to skin-tone, so it blends in rather than cutting off the foot.

Overall, that brings us to:

Winter 2019 budget: $300 – $560 – $110 – $270 = -$640

Which is quite a lot! I may have been overly optimistic with my $1200 budget for the year, lol. I’ve just allocated another $800 in YNAB to bring it up to $2000 for the year, which is about how much I spent in previous years. Wish me luck πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: January & February 2019

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I’ve been finding the Pinterest tracking method very helpful: I feel a lot more sure of items I’ve been buying since I started, though it’s still a bit too early to see whether it actually changes my shopping habits and how much I buy in a noticeable way.

    It’s been a while since I needed a dress for a formal occasion (our yearly law school “Barrister’s Ball” or law school prom was black tie-optional for those who wanted to get really dressed up, but I always wore cocktail dresses), but I pretty much did the same thing where I browsed Rent the Runway, but didn’t find anything inspiring and ended up just buying a dress to keep (that was, incidentally, cheaper than the Rent the Runway fees on anything I liked). I’m sure the Rent the Runway prices are reasonable/fair for the service, especially because all their dresses, including the ultra-fancy ones that are more interesting-looking, are all much nicer than anything I would buy, but I still found the fees a bit high for something I would need to return.


    • I ultimately decided not to go with Rent the Runway for similar reasons – the dresses I really liked with interesting embroidery details were $200. I like pretty dresses, but maybe not *that* much πŸ™‚ We actually just went to the wedding, and the dress in this post was fine for black-tie required, although I saw a couple other girls wearing cocktail dresses and so on. Also many dresses in similar peculiar colors (including my own in magenta), so I guess there really are color trends per season (a la Devil Wear’s Prada).

      (PS: I’m writing this comment via email reply, and I nearly typed “Thanks, _____” as my default closing!)


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