Clothing Budget: December 2018

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This month I went shopping crazy! I bought a whole bunch of stuff during Black Friday that didn’t arrive til December, and also took advantage of post-Christmas sales and random mall browsing while on vacation. Back home we have Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas which is full good sales. They don’t have it officially in the US, but there is still good stuff to be found. I also found some good replacements for older favorites that have worn out, so overall I’m happy.

Since there are a lot of items, I’ll try not to write an essay about each of them 😛


  • Black flats (LK Bennett, $70): As I mentioned in a previous post, I’d been looking for some new black flats. I was super impressed when these showed up. In the online photos, it just looked like a plain pair of flats, but the cut is really… elegant, is how I would describe it. It’s an almond toe without toe cleavage. The quality feels rock solid, although time will tell.
  • Sneakers (Nike, $65): My old Nikes were a few years old. I can definitely tell the difference with this new pair – there is more arch support and traction.


  • Sweater blazer (J. Crew, $90): After seeing this on a million blogs, I finally tried it on in store. So far I’ve really enjoyed wearing this – comfy yet polished.
  • Olive pants (Lululemon, $40): I was looking for a pair of olive work pants to replace a worn-out favorite pair from H&M. Who would’ve thought that Lululemon would be a  good place to find work pants?
  • Sports tee (Lululemon, $40): Lululemon was a madhouse when we went right after Christmas, since they rarely have good sales. In the same trip, I got this tee, and the sweatpants below.
  • Sweatpants (Lululemon $65): Not really a need, but you can’t really go wrong with a nice pair of sweatpants that you can actually wear out. The cut is somewhere in between a legging and a sweatpant, although the material is definitely sweatpant.
  • Long-sleeve top (MEC, $20): This tee is amazing! The quality is excellent, way better than my Banana Republic and Everlane tees. The cut is a good basic (slim, not too low-cut, long). I’m definitely going to stock up next time I visit Canada.
  • Linen top (Zara, $25): My mom and sister wanted to go to Zara, so I tagged along. I wasn’t planning to buy anything, and was just absentmindedly touching clothes on the rack, when I felt this linen top. I love linen, and the quality felt reasonable.
  • Black tank (Old Navy, $5): I saw on Sherry from Young House Love (one of my favorite clothing-related posts ever, have re-read multiple times). I like the high-neck cut that is trendy this year, and might pick up more tanks in this cut.
  • Lace tank (A&F, $15): I’ve been looking for a lacey nighty-style cami after seeing the silk version from Cami NYC and the Nordstrom knockoff. Surprisingly, A&F has pretty cute styles! It’s a little low-cut for me though.


  • Earrings (Mejuri, $65): I’ve been liking the styles at Mejuri. The sapphire is a lot smaller than I expected, but I like dainty jewelry, so it’s all good.I also have this pair of hoop earrings.
  • Wristlet (Duluth Trading Company, $35): I really wish I had stocked up on wristlets when they were popular a few years ago. Now it seems like everything is pouches/clutches, without a wrist strap. This was my first time ordering from Duluth, and I really like the solid feeling of the full-grain leather.
  • Leather belt (Duluth Trading Company, $35): Replacing a cheapie old belt from H&M. Solid and serviceable.

Winter 2019 budget: $300 – $560 = -$260

Oops, went quite a bit over! Many of the items were replacements / necessities, though, so I don’t feel too guilty. Thank u, next month (as the young folk say 😉 ).

As a reward for reading to the end of this long shopping post, check out this adorable video about a vet and his cats. Commenters compare him to Bob Ross because of his soothing voice and interactions with the cats. This video came up because I took my cat to the vet recently for the first time, and the vet was so amazing at handling her calmly. I came home and started browsing YouTube to see how it’s done, and ended up watching a whole bunch of cat videos, ending up on this one.

2 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: December 2018

  1. The J.Crew sweater blazer really is a great product! (If you got the newer version with the cotton-poly-merino blend, that one has been a bit pill-prone, I’ve found, but hopefully a sweater shaver or razor can take care of that.)

    I also found that, whenever I got something from Mejuri (four total designs, but I’ve only kept three), I’m always initially surprised by the size, I was usually imagining something bigger. (I think, in general, I’m bad at guesstimating how big jewelry, and, well, I never think to actually look that closely at the product dimensions.) Hope your 2019 is going well so far!


    • Thanks, it is! You too! I’m trying to get back into blogging and commenting game too. The sweater blazer has turned out really well so far. So much so that I bought another Madewell sweater coat that is basically a longer version of the blazer. Want all the sweater blazer things… 🙂


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