Clothing Budget: August 2018

The goods.

My Not Perfect Linen order came! Yayy! Actually, it came while I was on vacation, so I put a vacation hold mail notice at the post office, which worked out perfectly. Wouldn’t want that stuff sitting around on my doorstep or getting returned all the way to Lithuana (yikes!). I’ll do a full review soon, but so far it’s been awesome.

  • Linen scarf (Not Perfect Linen, $30): A nice summer scarf. It’s not quite big enough for a wrap (when did that trend of huge scarves start, anyway?), but it’s perfectly airy for hot days and low-cut dresses that you want to cover up a bit.
  • Linen skirt (Not Perfect Linen, $70): I bought the “dark graphite” color, which is a little lighter than the photograph above. At first I thought it was a little too peasant-ish, with the linen fabric and the slightly schoolmarm style, but it’s grown on me. Plus my style is a bit 1950s anyway. So hard to find good quality, longer skirts with pockets!
  • Exercise top (Under Armour, $30): After last month, I promised myself not to buy any more items for my trip to Peru, but I really wanted a long-sleeve exercise top to wear under my fleece while hiking. It ended up being quite neon, more than I expected/prefer. I think I can pull it off for now, but I think in 10-20 years, all those neon clothes will be going to the donation bin :/
  • Dress (Madewell, $25): Ah, random Internet browsing. I’ve cut down a lot on random browsing online, but sometimes one gets through 😛 It’s a trendy midi length, very comfy, and a really pretty dark heather green (doesn’t show up in the photo well). I actually saw another girl wearing it on the street, with a completely different body type, and it looked great on her too. The online reviewers say that the shape changes horribly after washing, though. Let’s see, fingers crossed…
  • Work backpack (Lululemon, $115): After reading Xin’s post on professional backpacks, and flip-flopping between various options (including the Cuyana one, leather being fine out here in sunny California), I was visiting Canada and got tempted by the excellent exchange rate. After accounting for taxes, it worked out to ~$25 off compared to the US. Anyway, I like the color and the clean design (the straps don’t dangle), and somehow the fit is really excellent. I can’t say what it is exactly, but it feels more snug to my body – maybe it was designed for women specifically? The downside is that there aren’t enough interior pockets, so things end up getting lost in the cavernous main compartment.

In other purchases, I re-stocked my Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum during the Sephora sale. The color of the serum in my new bottle is definitely lighter orange than my old bottle, which means the old one was getting ineffective. I stopped using the serum for the 2 weeks when I was traveling, as I have this weird idea in my head that my skin occasionally needs a “break” from these active products. No scientific basis at all, though. I resolutely did not order any other beauty products, as I’m waiting for my current products to run out. Next up on the replacement list is a new sunscreen (thinking of the Biore one), but apart from that I really have no excuse to be purchasing any skincare/makeup products.

Summer 2018 budget: $300 –  $155 (June) – $110 (July) – $270 (August) = -$235

Oops, way over. Spent my entire budget for the year, and I still have until end of November to go. I’m not going to beat myself up over it, though, since I set a pretty tight limit this year, and I think I’m doing fairly well overall compared to previous years. I’m actually thinking of switching to a quantity-based budget rather than a monetary budget. I feel like my current system is encouraging me to purchase cheap stuff, instead of quality stuff, to stay under budget. Or maybe this whole budgeting thing is a load of tosh, but at least it forces me to think a little more about what I’m shopping.

4 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: August 2018

  1. Ooh, the Lululemon backpack looks very nice! I’m also looking forward to a longer review of the NotPerfectLinen items later on. That’s definitely a brand that has intrigued me for a while, though I haven’t had the chance to order anything from them yet.


    • It’ll be published tomorrow! Actually, I got so excited by your and Kimi’s comments that I worked on the review last weekend and accidentally hit publish before it was even ready (although retracted now). Still trying to figure out this blogging, thing, heh.


    • There’s that skirt and the Marseille skirt (the one with the buttons) that were really tempting me. And their dresses, and their tops, and their pants, and their curtains… ok so a lot of things 🙂 I’d been debating ordering from them forever, and was waiting for their shop to re-open after their temporary closure in June. They took about a month to ship out, and another week for shipping, which was pretty good compared to their estimated production time of 4-6 weeks.


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