Clothing Budget: July 2018

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Travel on the brain!

In 2 weeks, I’m going on a trip to Peru! Purely for vacation – no work, all fun, brain will be OFF. So I’ve had travel and packing on the brain. Anticipation is half the fun, right?

With travel, though, comes the temptation to shop. I’m one of those weird people who likes watching packing videos, bag reviews, and reads all the travel guides before I go. And Peru being a somewhat ourdoors-y location, there’s temptation to pick up all kinds of athletic clothing and equipment, even though we aren’t doing anything extreme (no Inca Trail, since the family is with us). I have to keep reminding myself that my athletic purchases don’t tend to see a lot of use, like my hiking boots which were necessary for the snowshoeing we did, but I haven’t worn since.

So I’ve been thinking very hard since May about what I really *need* to purchase for the trip. I think this is one thing that I’ve finally internalized after reading all these minimalism / decluttering / capsule closet blogs: thinking really hard (overthinking?) about purchases. I’m fairly confident now that these things will actually be useful, and not just sit on a shelf somewhere collecting dust after one use. Although I sometimes feel like I’m spending *too* much time planning purchases and my time would be better spent elsewhere, I definitely enjoy the process of researching and toying with all the choices. It’s probably better than the quick and random sale purchases I used to make, anyway.

That was a long-winded intro to the things I bought:

  • Fleece jacket (MEC, $40): Since it’s the middle of winter in Peru, I wanted to pick up a light jacket for layering. I haven’t owned a fleece jacket in a while (feels so high school!), but I think another light, longer length jacket will prove versatile in general. I originally bought this jacket from the North Face Outlet, but I didn’t like the stiff of the softshell material. The new jacket is only fleece and will be better for layering. Also, purple! One of my favorite colors, mainly because they match my glasses, hehe.
  • Travel bag (MEC, $70): Feeding into my travel bag addiction, I did some research (r/onebag, Wirecutter) and decided to try going backpack-only for the Peru trip. Although I have a perfectly serviceable roller bag, the idea of traveling with just a  backpack sounds so… nomadic and appealing (escapism fantasy, right there). My previous attempt at backpack-only travel was to our Middle East wedding using the Osprey Farpoint 40, but I overpacked it and it was way too heavy and uncomfortable while standing in airport lines (ended up selling the bag on eBay). The new bag is more compact and I’ve learned my lesson about overpacking, so hopefully this backpack-only experiment will go more smoothly.

Both of these purchases were from a Canadian brand, Mountain Equipment Coop (similar to REI in the US). Although I had to pay $15 shipping, the prices are great for the quality. Thank you, exchange rate. I hadn’t tried cross-border shipping before, but it was fairly fast (~1-2 weeks), and there was no customs duty.

Summer 2018 budget: $300 –  $155 (June) – $110 (July) = $35 left for August

Welp, I have actually purchased a bunch more stuff this July which will definitely take me over the summer budget, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Let’s save it for August, shall we? 🙂

Any trips planned for the rest of the summer? Do you ever over-think packing for trips?

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