Clothing Budget: June 2018

Parade of headless people.

Not a lot of original content happening on these days on this ol’ blog, but my upcoming work deadline is this week, so life should get back to normal after that. (Or another deadline will pop up. Funny how that seems to happen…) Anyway, still found some time to do some shopping 🙂

  • Striped long-sleeve (Everlane, $25): I had some credit left over from returning Everlane’s Street Fleece Pants (which had a really irritating elastic waistband. I can’t imagine why they designed it that way). This striped top is slim-fitting, has a non-boring color, and is soft. ‘Nuff said.
  • Cover-up tunic (Uniqlo, $10): You can’t really tell in the photo, but it has really pretty embroidery on the front. I’m a huge sucker for embroidery… it’s subtle but adds a bit of interest to a solid colored piece. This tunic is pretty see-through. When I wore it with leggings, S asked me if I was going to an Indian party 😛
  • Linen cardigan (Uniqlo, $30): Pink is not really my usual color, but this is a more muted pink. It’s been good so far – I wear it over with my magenta-purple clothes, which is a dominant color in my wardrobe.
  • Black skirt (Ann Taylor, $40): Why are non-stodgy black skirts so hard to find? My workplace is pretty casual, so no pencil skirts for me. This one has a drawstring which makes it a big more casual. I feel like drawstrings are really in right now – why?
  • Short-sleeve blouse (Ann Taylor, $30): I love this print! With the recent minimalism and athleisure trends, I feel like everything is either black/grey/neon. It’s so hard to find a good print, and I was immediately drawn to this one. I was unsure about the ruffle sleeves because I have fairly broad shoulders, but I think it’s fine.
  • Red long-sleeve (Ann Taylor, $20): Like embroidery, I love ruching. I guess I just like subtle details on solid colors. I haven’t worn this top yet since we’re in the middle of summer / heat wave of death, but blue-toned red is one of my favorite colors to wear, so I think it’ll be useful in the fall.

Summer 2018 budget: $300 –  $155 (June) = $145 left for July and August

I think I’m doing well this year! I’m spending about 40% less than last year, and getting better at buying stuff that I actually like, not just out of FOMO on sales. I already placed some orders in July (hint: think linen) which basically blew through the rest of my summer budget, but I’m really loving the things that have arrived so far.

4 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: June 2018

  1. Wow your items are mostly Ann Taylor and Uniqlo. Are these more budget friendly brands? What other brand would you recommend?


  2. The Uniqlo cardigan is so good! I just got it in another color this month.

    It’s been ages since I’ve seen anything in a print that I like. I’m very open to prints, and wish I owned more, but a lot of what’s out there in the last few years hasn’t been too pretty, or isn’t in a color I like.


    • Yeah, I feel like prints are very personal! It must be hard for designers to find prints that appeal to a broad population, and thus worth the effort to manufacture. Solids just seem… safer. What with “color of the year” and all that (not sure if I believe in it though – seems like a marketing ploy), it’s probably easier for designers to follow a color trend rather than a print trend. Or at least that’s my random speculation.

      I’ve been liking the cardigan so far! It’s light but still feels like it’s holding up so far. We bought one for my mother-in-law too. Wish they could make a cropped version too.


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