Clothing Budget: May 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 7.25.48 PM.png
Many shades of grey… (plus a bit of blue).

Man, May was so crazy busy. Right now, the quarter is finally wrapping up, so I’ve finally stopped drowning in work and can come up for air and write this post. Despite the busy-ness, though, I still found some time to do some wallet damage!

  • Earrings (Etsy, $25): I’ve been eyeing the wwake opal jewelry for some time, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. I decided to order some synthetic opal jewelry to see if I’m really into opal. Do you ever do that? Well, the answer is that the synthetic stuff looks really fake. I’m not a fan, and the bright blue color also sorta juvenile. Maybe the higher-end stuff would look classier?
  • Dress (Madewell, $30): Whoops, impulse buy. Swingy dresses are so trendy and so comfy. I think I can pull it off for work with some leggings underneath.
  • 3-way bag (Uniqlo, $20): I’m weirdly addicted to travel bags (like this YouTube channel) and this was my latest obsession. Again, I was more eyeing this fancy Tom Bihn bag, but decided to go to Uniqlo as a cheapo way of trying out the duffle + backpack combo style.
  • Wrap blouse (Uniqlo, $5): Random sale rack pick. I did an Instagram poll on my personal account and 80% of my friends thought it looked like karate class 😛 But you know what? I love it! The cotton is really crisp, it has nice pleating, and I love the slight v neckline in the front and back. The only cons are that it’s a bit short in the torso, and it needs ironing before every wear.
Wrap blouse / karate outfit. Yay or nay?
  • Leggings (Uniqlo, $10): My old American Apparel leggings from college were looking kinda threadbare, so I picked these up as a replacement. These have 7% spandex which make it feel more stretchy than I’m used too, but they’re perfectly serviceable.

Spring 2018 budget: $300 –  $280 (March) – $0 (April) – $90 (May) =  -$70

I’m quite proud of myself for avoiding most of the Memorial Day stales. I browsed a whole bunch of sites (J Crew Factory, Nordstrom, Loft), and didn’t find anything that I was really into. I think it’s because I’ve become way more picky now, and want something that will integrate into the rest of my wardrobe, rather than just buying stuff for fun or for the trend. I also avoided opening blog posts in my RSS reader that talked about sales.

When I look at my records from the past 4 years, I had spent $900, $1300, $1500, $1000 by the end of May, respectively. This year, I’ve spent <$700 *pats self on back* The whole blogging thing is definitely helping with accountability!


Coming up, though, it’s a new season *rubs hands in anticipation*. I recently went to the mall for the first time in a while, and got the chance to try on the J Crew lightweight sweater blazer. I was initially drawn to the lighter colors online, but I actually ended up liking the navy in person, and might wait for a good sale to pick one up. I don’t often wear blazers, but I like the casual style of this one, and I think it could be a good office sweater.

Also, skirts! So hard to find a work-appropriate skirt that’s (a) knee-length or longer, (b) not pencil, (c) not black. I typically like the designs at Loft and J Crew Factory, but the quality can be hit-or-miss, and the length is cutting it bit short for me (I’m an old lady, OK!). This Eileen Fisher wrap skirt is right up my alley. This J Crew Factory option, which is pretty popular, is also nice. Dreaming of linen for the summer…

Do you ever buy cheaper versions to test out the style before buying the expensive version? Any suggestions for places to look for work-ready skirts?

2 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: May 2018

  1. Too bad about the earrings being too artificial-looking! I’m also very intrigued by Wwake’s opal jewelry, and when I see people wearing opal in real life, it’s generally white opal that has a fairly subtle shimmer (and that actually can get rather boring). One of the first opal jewelry pieces I noticed was on someone who had this simple opal solitaire that was this really compelling blue-green color, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that had quite that color anywhere close to my price range, alas.

    Hopefully that J.Crew sweater blazer goes on sale for a great price soon! I was really surprised that I liked it as much as I did, enough to override my concerns about needing to get it dry-cleaned.


    • Oh, interesting about the color. The synthetic opal earrings had a choice between blue and white, and I picked the blue exactly because I thought white would be too boring (also, my standard earrings are cubic zirconia studs which are already white/clear). Maybe opal is one of those things that has a lot of natural variation and needs to be seen in person to purchase? The Wwake stuff looks cute but so tiny, so I’ve never managed to convince myself to purchase. I think I first discovered the brand through your blog?…


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