Weekend Link List

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A virtual reality demonstration I saw few weeks ago. The simulation (you can kinda see it in the top right) is of flying above a city. Cool, right?

I don’t know about you, but I get kinda sad on the weekend when bloggers don’t update, and I have less to read. I definitely look forward to Monday when there’s a burst of new posts! So here are some interesting articles I’ve collected, which will hopefully help tide you over the weekend, if you’re like me 🙂

Train to Busan movie (Netflix):  Korean movie + zombies? Sign me up! This was one of the best movies I’ve seen recently. It’s a strange balance of humor, action, and drama, that somehow works. Highly recommend. (Just don’t watch any Korean movies alone with your graduate advisor, though.)

Understanding incel (CBC News): In the news recently, there have been some bad, bad people doing terrible, terrible things, and one of the claimed motivations was this creepy “incel” subculture. I thought this clip was good, reasonable introduction to this topic. When I was in college, I found a copy of The Game, one of the classic manuals for pickup artists, in my dorm’s common room, and read it through. It’s definitely a twisted book, but I can kinda see how people with slight grievances could pick up this book looking for tips, and slowly get sucked into this community, forming more and more extreme opinions through a positive feedback loop.

Moderators of Reddit’s beauty community (Glamour): Although the Internet can be a scary place (see previous), it’s also a great enabler. While the big crowd-sourced websites are dominated by men (90% of Wikipedia editors and 70% of Reddit contributors are male), it’s nice to know that women (and some men) have found some safe corners of the Internet too, thanks in part to the huge efforts of these moderators.

Products that millennials are killing (Business Insider): What products are millennials not purchasing anymore? If you count millennials as born between 1977-2000, I’m basically firmly in the middle. I agree with the article on ditching napkins, fabric softener, department stores, and physical banks. But home improvement stores? Never! After Costco, Home Depot may be my favorite store 🙂

Laser hair removal (Extrapetite, The Financial Diet): I was recently telling my partner about the concept of a Brazilian wax, and he was quite horrified. Reading these articles made me think about the physical and monetary costs that women will go to to satisfy some standards of beauty of hygiene. Personally, it’s not something I’ve ever tried or am planning to try, but I tend towards the hippie side – my motto in the winter is: if you can’t see it, go hairy 😉

2 thoughts on “Weekend Link List

  1. The Incel spaces on reddit are absolutely terrifying. I have a bit of academic interest in bad internet spaces. I was pretty familiar with “Redpill” before (which I think is where the pickup artist community or PUA stuff is derived from, or vice versa), and would previously have thought that was the scariest, most sexist thing out there, but the incel stuff takes the cake!

    I haven’t made an intense study of incels. Frankly, they sound too unhinged for me to read for more than a few minutes, whereas the redpill/PUA stuff had a strange logic to it that was fascinating, they tried to present themselves as being technical and scientific about things, though obviously there were no foundations to that. In contrast, the incel stuff is often just straight-up scary ranting of the kind that I’d start to think, now there’s the kind of person who will buy a gun and… you know.


    • Yeah, the incel stuff is so scary. I think Reddit took down the incel subreddit now, although there are other forums. I actually browsed through one of them briefly and it was horrible. People had set their profile pic as that crazy guy, and were being temporarily banned (by the mods I assume), but then they just picked younger photos of the guy that weren’t as easily recognizable. I just don’t understand. Reading things that like that makes me really sad for our future. Would it be any use to talk to these people face to face? Do they grow out of it? I really hope some of it is more hormone-driven and people get out of it as they mature.

      I didn’t know about the RedPill community. I guess all these things are related. Although now that I think about it, the less intense stuff might be more scary because more people might have some sympathy for their cause.


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