Review: Everlane tank bra

Everlane tank bra in white.

Warning: backstory ahead. Skip ahead to the review if you like!

I’m a big fan of bralettes. Because of my body type, I don’t wear an underwire bra (in fact, my bra size is actually kinda hard to find in store). In my teen years, I used to think that I *had* to wear push-up bras to compensate. Every bra I ever tried on at Victoria’s Secret was ill-fitting, but I convinced myself in the bright lights of the dressing room that it worked and brought it home. Over the years, though, these bras got discarded because of discomfort, but I kept purchasing in my quest to find “right” fit.

Then a few years ago, with the bralette trend in full swing, I picked up a few lace bralettes from American Eagle and started wearing them under my clothes. It dawned on me that bralettes pretty much provide all the support my body needs. Goodbye fallen bra straps, hello deep and unrestricted breaths! Since then, I’ve majorly switched over to bralettes, and haven’t looked back. Actually, if it’s the middle of winter and I’m wearing a thick sweater with multiple layers, I sometimes skip the bralette entirely, even at work… don’t tell. It’s been pretty freeing.

So I consider myself a steady wearer of bralettes, wannabe hippie, and fair expert. When Everlane announced their new bralettes and bikini, I was down for trying. I’m a fan of some of their other items (namely, tees and shoes), so I was hopeful these would work out too. So now, after that long-winded backstory, here is my review!

Everlane bralette review

Packaging of the Everlane tank bra and bikini.

Packaging:  The order was delivered in a standard plastic mailer bag, with two small cardboard boxes inside, one for the bralette, and one for the bikini. Right off the bat, this seemed a bit excessive. Anyone else tired of overly fancy packaging? (I’m looking at you, Glossier!) I’m not sure why it’s necessary to have a separate box for each tiny little item. If I had ordered 10 pairs of underwear, would it really have come in 10 little boxes for me to individually open?

Back view of the tank bra.

Comfort / fit:  The material is 92% cotton, 8% elastane. As someone who does’t need a lot of support, the fit was fine – honestly, just like my other bralettes. The cut of the front was slightly strange with very set-apart straps (more on that later), but looked and felt fine. The cut of the back was pretty low, which I guess is a good thing, but I don’t really wear those trendy backless tops, so I was neutral on this.

One thing I did like was how smooth the fabric was. However, it wasn’t seamless, as I could clearly see the outline of the bra under some drapey and reasonably thick tops I was wearing later.

You can see the fit in the photos below (ma, don’t look!).

Opinions: I found the white color and the covered elastic sort of… granny looking. It’s a very plain bralette without any frills, which is perfectly fine with me (I like boring for underclothes). However, if they’re going for a plain design, they’d better make it in plain colors that I really want, like nude! Which they don’t!

Everlane makes a lot of fancy marketing claims – the exact description is: “Our soft, double-layered tank bra is supportive and easy, with an elastic band for a perfect fit. No pushing. No padding.”  But I think this description could apply to most other bralettes on the market, as my other bralettes are also double-lined, have an elastic band, and no padding.

IMG_20180417_173616 (1)
The tank bra peeks out under the shoulder! Arghhhh!

Wearability: Ok, so now the kicker. I brought the bralette with me to Hawaii for a work trip (an oxymoron, I know 🙂 ). I wore this drapey polyester dress from Banana Republic, which has a fairly conservative design with thick shoulder straps. As I was putting it on in the morning, however, I was kind of horrified to see the bralette peeking out at the shoulder. Major annoyance! And it wasn’t just an adjustment issue, either. To give it a fair trial, I wore the bralette for the entire day, and it kept reappearing despite constant readjustments.

It’s as though Everlane tried to move the bra straps apart horizontally to prevent them from showing under boatneck shirts; but instead, they went too far, resulting in the straps peeking out under sleeveless tops/dresses. I have fairly broad shoulders, so I imagine the problem would only be worse on other people. This is a major no-no in my book, and is such a weird design flaw that has never happened to me with other bralettes. I usually have the opposite problem of straps peeking out at the neck, but at least that’s explainable by a racerback design.

Sizing info: I ordered an XS. For reference, I’m a 30B at The Little Bra Company, a specialty retailer for petites, or 28C according to r/ABraThatFits.

Bikini: I also purchased the bikini in XS (not pictured, heh). What can I say, it’s a bikini. It fit normally. It was comfortable.

Conclusion: I likely won’t be repurchasing. I prefer my Gap bralettes, which are good quality, come in a nice nude color, and no-show under white tees. Sorry Everlane! I like your shoes and tees, but this one’s not for me. Actually, this bralette is not even wearable under Everlane’s own white linen tee, which is one of my favorites. Shouldn’t their own clothes at least work together?

Do you wear bralettes? How do you feel about Everlane’s recent arrivals?

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