Clothing Budget: April 2018

IMG_20180428_143545 (1).jpg
Don’t the Make P:rem and TLC packaging look similar (rightmost bottles)? And yes, that is a giant pikachu in the background 😀

I spent a whole lot in March, so for April and May I was trying to shop less. And I’m proud to say, I didn’t buy a single clothing item this month! Mostly because my time was filled up with deadlines and a week-long work trip (to Hawaii 🙂 ). Funny how being busy stops you from shopping, right?

Well then why, you might ask, did I write this post? As you can guess from the pic above, I diverted my attention from shopping for clothes to shopping for – sigh – beauty products. I don’t count beauty as part of my budget, although maybe I should. I also purchased some underwear (Everlane’s bralette and bikini), which I also didn’t count in my budget. Too many exceptions?

Anyway, the whole beauty thing was triggered by finding out that Costco sells Korean beauty products. (I’m a huge Costco addict, even when I lived alone! I guess I’m a soccer mom at heart?) From this, I started doing some research and fell down the rabbit hole of r/asianbeauty. It’s a subreddit for discussing Korean/Japanese beauty products, mainly focused on skincare (it’s NOT a subreddit for gawking at Asian women, as my male Reddit-expert friend mistakenly thought 😉 ) It’s amazing how dedicated these subreddit communities are! After learning a bunch, I’m not entirely convinced that some of the more exotic ingredients are scientifically-backed (e.g., snail mucus, tree sap), but I don’t mind trying some popular and well-recommended items. I’m trying to go slowly with trying new products. Here’s what I bought this month:

  • Sunscreen (Make P:rem, $30): After getting Sophie’s recommendation on sunscreens, I purchased this sunscreen. It’s super sunny out here in SoCal, and while I was previously using moisturizer with SPF, I figured it might be better to switch to a separate sunscreen for better protection. So far, I’m really liking this one! It’s light and reasonably moisturizing. There’s only a tiny bit of sunscreen smell.
  • Oil cleanser (Fancl, $20): Korean beauty recommends “double-cleansing” (oil cleanser followed by water-based cleanser), especially if you wear makeup or sunscreen. I typically wear light makeup on days when I’m teaching (skin tint + concealer + blush), so I used to use regular cleanser to take it all off. But I did notice that there would be some under-eye residue remaining after cleansing. So far I’m enjoying using the oil to better remove my makeup and sunscreen, and also give myself a facial massage in the process! The product has a really light oil smell which I’m finding strangely addictive.
  • AHA/BHA serum (Drunk Elephant, $90): I was using a travel-size version of this product already, and it seemed to be doing a good job. I ordered the full-size product during the Sephora sale this month. I debated for a while between this and the Sunday Riley Good Genes, which is also super popular, but I read somewhere that the Drunk Elephant one has more potent ingredients. I knew my skin wasn’t getting irritated by the TLC one, so I decided to re-order it.

How did your monthly spending go? Are you a fan of Korean/Japanese beauty products?

2 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: April 2018

  1. Costco is great! I’d totally want to shop there more if it was easier to do here. (Sadly, that’s something I’ll need to put off until I move to the suburbs someday.) I’m a longtime user of a lot of “asian beauty”-style items, as well as a ten-plus step routine a few years ago, though I’ve stepped back from it because my skin’s gotten a bit more sensitive when I use Retin-A Micro daily. For double-cleansing I’ve ended up using micellar water on a cotton bad as a “first step” cleanser. (The Garnier micellar water is pretty good and a great value.)


    • Ah, Costco opened up in Manhattan right around the time I left the city! So I never had the experience of stuffing giant packs of toilet paper into an NYC closet (it barely even fits in my current apartment, lol). I might have to try the Garnier micellar water, it seems well-recommended by you and Sophie. My skin has recently gotten a bit worse, but I don’t know if it’s due to one of the new products, or just lack of sleep / stress, so switching to a gentler product sounds good.


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