Personal Care Hacks for Women

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Trying to make feminine products look glamorous.

When I started this blog, I promised myself no click-bait-y titles like “Four Simple Tricks to Become a Millionaire”. So I suppose I could’ve called this post “Tips for Women”, but “Hacks” did sound more exciting, so you’ll have to live with the click-bait-y-ness 🙂 Anyway, what I wanted to write about might be a little personal, and it only applies to the female half of the population: My top four women’s personal care tips. They’re all changes that I’ve made in my life, and would never go back. YMMV.

Cleaning up

I recently purchased and installed this bidet as an add-on to my toilet. A bidet is basically a toilet extension that shoots a stream of water at your nether regions. It has both a regular mode and a women’s wash mode that angles the water stream at the right place and the right width. And I’m telling you, I’m NEVER GOING BACK. I’ll spare you from further details… but it feels clean 🙂

Bidets are easy to install – all you need is a flat-head screwdriver. They’re removable and don’t require access to the main water (at least for the model I used), so you can install them even if you live in a rental. Bidets are useful for men, too. They’re common in my partner’s home country, and he’s really enjoyed our new “luxury” toilet in the regular mode as well.

There are different models with all kinds of fancy features like heated toilet sets, remote controls, etc., but we went for the basic model, which has already been a game-changer.

Shaving with Castile soap

I don’t know about you, but I used to have endless bottles of shaving cream lying around. Dual-use products are one of my favorite travel items, and I try to use dual-use products in the bathroom, too. Castile soap make great soap and shaving cream. No need to clutter up your shower with extra products – I use Castile soap as body wash and shaving cream at the same time. I usually lather my legs to wash and then shave to rinse.

I also use the Castile soap as hand soap, by diluting it with water and adding a few drops of tea tree oil for its (supposedly) disinfectant properties. One drawback of using it as hand soap is that it doesn’t foam up that much, which my partner hates, tbh. But overall, I love Castile soap because it’s multi-purpose and reduces the number of personal care products you need to buy.

Menstrual cup

I’ve used pads (and sometimes tampons) for most of my life. Menstrual cups looked icky at first, but I decided to give it a try. It did take a bit of practice to get the hang of putting it in, and to find the right cup with the right shape to prevent leaks (see comparison). Once that got sorted out, it’s been great.

First of all, it feels cleaner during use, similar to a tampon. Second, you don’t have to remember to bring tampons/pads around with you. No more sneaking off to the bathroom while trying hide the pad in your hand, or hobbling to the pharmacy in a panic in the middle of the workday. Third, it is environmentally friendly. When I made the final decision to switch, I donated all of my pads to a friend. (Is that creepy?) No more female diapers for me, please. Fourth, menstrual cups are cost-effective, since the silicone cups last forever. (Unless you accidentally melt yours while boiling it clean: true story.)

Switching to the ring

For years, I used the pill. This involves the daily routine of setting an alarm, rooting around for the pack of pills, finding a glass of water, and taking the pill. There’s the annoyance of counting the days to make sure you didn’t accidentally miss any of the previous pills and need to catch up. And it’s all over if you forget the pills while traveling on an overnight trip.

When I mentioned these annoyances to my gynecologist, he suggested changing to the ring. And I’ve found it so much better! Instead of setting an alarm every single day, you set a calendar event twice a month. It’s set and forget. In terms of cost, it should be covered by your healthcare insurance, the same as the pill. In my opinion, if it’s the same cost, why not choose the more time-efficient option? (Note: Please consult your healthcare provider.)

Final thoughts

So those are my tips! As you can see, they’re mostly geared towards time and cost efficiency. I hope they are helpful, without being too “hippy-ish”. Women have additional personal care needs, so my goal is to simplify that part of my life as much as possible.

Do you have any personal care simplifications to your daily routine?

4 thoughts on “Personal Care Hacks for Women

  1. I have Diva Cup, too! At first, I thought I’d never get used to it, but it’s pretty easy to use now. I’m curious to know how much $ I’ve saved not buying tampons anymore. Plus, it’s a lot more convenient for my lifestyle, as it holds so much more than a regular tampon.


    • It would be interesting to analyze the costs! I do still purchase liners as backup, so it’s not completely a one-time cost.
      It does hold a lot more, and what I like is the ability to see the volume, which is useful for self-monitoring.
      Once you get used to it, it’s fine, but the first time I felt like I was starring in my own murder mystery 🙂


  2. I have a Lunette and I love it! I used it for five years, which I think was a bit too long as I started to have some annoying feelings and when I replaced it, then those feelings didn’t persist. Oops! Similarly, I do still buy liners, but those are far cheaper and I don’t go through as many. I’ve been meaning to switch to organic liners, but I have such a large supply that I don’t feel like doing that until I run out. It was definitely a huge learning curve to go from pads to the cup though! I think it took a few months for me to get used to it.


    • I’ve read a couple of blog posts about organic liners/pads, and even that new-fangled underwear with pads built in! I’d like to try them too, but similar to you I need to work through my stash first 🙂

      Yeah, different brands can definitely feel different. I started off with the Diva Cup, but after I accidentally destroyed it (and my pot) by over-boiling it, oops, I switched to the Luna Cup, which worked a lot better for me (no overnight leaks). I tried to get my sister to switch to the cup, but she was too grossed out… but she is a bit younger, and I think you get less squeamish about these things as you get older!


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