Review: Everlane Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Front and back views.

Jeans are the staple of my wardrobe. I wear them casually on the weekends and for work on the weekdays. Although I find jeans somewhat constricting and non-jean pants way more comfortable, jeans are more versatile style-wise for day-to-night wear. Currently, most of my jeans are dark blue or black (J BrandMadewell), so I had been thinking about adding a non-dark pair to my collection for more casual situations. When I saw Everlane had these skinny jeans in a medium wash, not too faded or whiskered, I ordered them. Since it’s so helpful when researching a product to see photos of real people, I figured I’d do my part and pitch in with my review too!

I originally ordered Everlane’s boyfriend jeans, thinking that they would be a looser and more comfortable fit. My holy grail is a pair of loose yet sharp-looking jeans that feel like pajamas (is that an oxymoron?). I was hoping the recent trend of boyfriend jeans would scratch that itch; however, the Everlane version just didn’t look good – they were baggy and cropped (forgot to take a pic, sorry). I dislike the current trend of ankle pants – your ankles get cold, and there’s a weird gap when wearing booties. Back went the boyfriend jeans, and in came the skinny jeans.

Side views.


I prefer jeans made with majority cotton and <5% other material. These Everlane jeans are 98% cotton and 2%, and are quite thick, even compared to my J Brands. This thickness is especially noticeable at the knees, which don’t flex as much. The jeans can feel a bit stiff because of this, but I don’t find it uncomfortable. I think the thickness is a sign of good quality. The jeans loosen up after a day of wearing, but not by a crazy amount.


Mid and high-rise jeans usually work well for me, since they hug your torso more. My hips are proportionally wider than my waist, compared to standard sizing, so my usual problem is waist gap. (I used to be a big fan of American Eagle jeans because of this!) These Everlane jeans fit close to the body but not as tight as my other skinny jeans, with only a little bit of waist gap. Unfortunately, the jeans were a bit baggy in the front around the hips, which is best seen in the close-up shot below. This is a common problem for me (Not sure why. Any tips?). From far away, though, they look fine.

I prefer ankle openings that aren’t too tight – somewhere in between skinny and straight leg. These Everlane jeans veer more towards the skinny side, but not uncomfortably so.

Close-up of the front.

Sizing comparison

For reference, I usually wear a 2 at American Eagle, 4 at H&M, 25 at Gap, and 25 or 26 in designer jeans. In these Everlane jeans, 25 worked the best for me, for both the skinny and boyfriend styles. They run a bit bigger than J Brands.


They’re keepers! I’m tired of overly tight jeans, so the looseness feels really good. The medium wash makes the jeans more casual, so I think the bagginess suits the style. I wouldn’t say they’re the best looking or sleekest jeans, compared to the others I own. They’re more bum-around-on-the-weekend jeans, while still being presentable for going outside, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Have you tried Everlane’s denim? Any suggestions for comfy, loose jeans that aren’t too dad-style?

6 thoughts on “Review: Everlane Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

  1. These jeans look like they fit you very well! Way back in the day, around 2008, Uniqlo had some mid-rise straight-leg jeans that fit pretty similar to how these sound, a looser, more comfortable but still skinny jean though with a lower rise (it was a few years before high-waisted jeans were really here to stay), and a slightly straighter fit. I always hope other straight leg jeans will fit the way those did, but they never really do…

    Uniqlo’s current high-rise cigarette jeans may fit more like boyfriend jeans on at least some people! They feel very boyfriend jeans on me, though I’m a bit mystified, as they… don’t look the same way on their models. They’re pretty affordable, at least, so they’re maybe generally worth a try if the stores are accessible.


    • Thanks for the suggestion! Ah, nostalgia for the non-skinny jeans days. Straight is really is the most versatile cut, I think, especially for work (if your workplace allows).

      I did try Uniqlo’s cigarette jeans last year, but I got confused about the sizing and ordered too small, then didn’t like the wash enough to be bothered to exchange the size. Something is kind of off for me with Uniqlo in general – their pants are never long enough and their sweaters/jackets are also kinda short. Not that I’m super tall or anything (about 5’5), but I think the body type they design for might be different. I love their Heattech though!


  2. I was going to say, you must like a looser fit, because you’re smaller than me, but I wear smaller sizes somehow? I tried a 24 in the Everlane jeans a while back, and the skinny jeans were tight, but the boyfriend jeans were practically falling off.

    My bumming around jeans are Levi’s Wedgie fit. Have you tried those? They’re a little big but for me, but super comfortable.


    • Oooo, the Levi’s look promising, I’ll have to try them out. Thanks!
      I think I do like a looser fit – first of all, so nobody is staring at my butt at work 🙂 and second of all, my skin actually gets a little irritated in the winter from wearing pants.
      When I tried the Everlane boyfriend jeans, they were also falling off – I pull them on and off without unzipping them, lol.


  3. I have a pair of these! They are pretty comfy, but the best part to me was how thick they are, which was great for winter. Unfortunately, I gained some weight and they’re too small now, so I’m wearing other jeans from my closet. Hopefully they fit again some day because they were lovely 🙂


    • Cool! Glad you liked them too. I have some doubts in my mind whether they are actually thick, or the stiffness makes them feel thick, but in any case, mentally I feel like they are good quality.
      Jeans are so tricky for the fit. I also somewhat alternate between jeans depending on the season – in the winter, I tend to hibernate more, resulting in desire for looser jeans 🙂 Hope you can wear them again soon!


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