Clothing Budget: February 2018 Purchases

February 2018 purchases.

This was a pretty light shopping month for me. I haven’t felt the impulse to shop as much over the past year, because of two factors: (1) I unsubscribed from most of the fashion blogs I used to follow, and (2) after a few years on the job, I’ve pretty much bought all new clothes necessary for the job and the relocation. I still enjoy shopping, and will browse sales online, but don’t go to the mall much anymore unless it’s a social event with my relatives, who really love shopping šŸ™‚


  • Wool baseball hat, $30 (Tom Bihn): I was never a big hat fan, but after moving to California, they are a must! Even in the winter, I feel like the sun is beating down on my head and turning my brain into jelly (also known as getting a headache šŸ˜› ). My old beanies and toques won’t work in 77Ā°F weather, so this wool baseball cap fit the bill for California “winters”. See me wearing it on Instagram.
  • Graphic tee, $20 (Amazon): I love llamas (they’re so funny looking!), so I couldn’t resist this graphic tee. I also have this metallic llama tee from Loft. I think a trip to Peru is in order next to satisfy my llama obsession šŸ˜€
  • Flip flops, $15 (Sanuk): Impulse Costco buy, urgh. But they are ridiculously smooshy and comfortable. Seems to be the same as the product sold directly by Sanuk, which makes it a pretty good deal.
  • PJs, $20 (Splendid): Another Costco buy. I’m not very sure about this one, because the back of the package says Delta Galil which is a fashion conglomerate that sells its apparel under a variety of brands. They bought Splendid in 2016, so I might have been duped into buying this just for the brand name. The quality doesn’t feel like anything special compared to the $15 no-brand PJs that were being sold next to it. But I’ll have to try and see.

Innerwear (not counted as part of the budget):

  • Undies, $25 (Panty Drop): I’ve been tempted by the subscription box hype, but I’m not super into the usual beauty boxes. I figured underwear would be an easy way to try the trend, because they would definitely be used, and can slowly replace the ratty old pairs in my closet. The cost is $35 for 3 pairs, which is more than my normal spending on undies, but I was hoping they would have more interesting styles than my usual store (Gap). My first experience with their box wasn’t that positive due to the selection, but I’m doing an exchange right now and will do a full review later.
  • Heattech layer, $15 (Uniqlo): As someone who is perpetually cold, I wear a Heattech top as an inner layer nearly every day of the winter. Most of the Heattech tops I have are long-sleeve, but some of my blouses have 3/4 length sleeves, so I bought a short-sleeve version to wear under those.

Quarterly budget

$300 – $60 (Dec) – $170 (Jan) – $85 (Feb) = -$15 overspent for Winter 2018.

Although I went a bit over, my quarterly budget is drastically reduced this year compared to last year (from $500 to $300), so I think the budget is holding up well!

Previous 2018 reports: January.

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