Clothing Budget: January 2018 Purchases

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.26.26 AM.png

Here’s my monthly spending report on clothing/accessories in January 2018.

    • Fancy dress, $30  (Leith, sold out): I stumbled upon this dress at Nordstrom Rack, when I was returning one of my sister’s prospective prom dresses. I hadn’t been to Nordstrom Rack in more than a year, so I took the time to browse. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and took a bunch of items to the fitting room, emerging with this dress. It’s a slinky, shiny material in an asymmetric wrap cut (which I have a weakness for), in my favorite clothing color (purple).
    • Silk PJs, $55 (Everlane): I had some credit after returning this Everlane striped dress, which I had thought was a sure-fire winner, but ended up being super boxy with stiff shoulders. After moving to California, I have a need for light summer PJs, so these fit the utilitarian bill.
    • Black v-neck, $30 (BP, similar): I wanted a black, long-sleeve v-neck for layering under cardigans in the winter, as a warmer alternative to tank tops. This ended up being more “sweater-like” than I expected, being made of a very thin fleece, but it’s still light enough for layering.
    • Fingerless gloves, $15 (Free People): Brrr, it’s cold in here! In the winter, my office and home are freezing. My office window faces an interior courtyard, which doesn’t get as much light as some of the other offices. I like wearing fingerless gloves to keep warm my hands warm while typing at work. These gloves are again my favorite purple color, and look kinda “goth” when I wear them, which lets me pretend to be edgy 🙂
    • Small crossbody, $40 (Rebecca Minkoff): This was another random purchase from the Nordstrom Rack visit. There was a huge pile of clearance purses, and my mom somehow unearthed this cute little bag from the bottom of the pile. I can’t say this was a strong need, but it will be useful enough since it can be worn in both fancy and casual situations.

January total: $170

Quarterly budget: $300 – $60 (Dec) – $170 (Jan) = $70 for Feb.

My target for 2018 is $300 per season, which is less than last year’s target of $500 per season, so hopefully I can make it. I define the winter season as December through February.

How’s your start to the year? Are you shopping as usual or trying a “shopping ban”?

2 thoughts on “Clothing Budget: January 2018 Purchases

  1. Yay, a clothing budget post! I always love reading these, and am still sad that Franish needed to discontinue her monthly budget posts and link-ups, since I loved reading through all the posts every month. I was looking for a pair of convertible mittens that would serve a similar function to fingerless gloves, though I wasn’t able to find anything this year (curse my phone’s home button, which doesn’t respond to fingers encased in tech gloves, even though the screen does).


    • Maybe you should re-start the budgeting blogger series 🙂 I would definitely link up! 🙂

      I have a pair of convertible mittens from Muji that I quite like (seem to be currently available online). They’re lined, partially wool, and what I like most is that the fingers come up pretty high when the mittens are flipped open. Sadly, all of my lovingly collected mittens/hats/coats from over the years have been sitting in storage, unneeded in California. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss NYC winters!


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