2017 Closet Inventory

I love reading closet inventory posts! My original inspiration was Franish, and others I’ve seen around the web like Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair. For the past couple of years, I’ve kept a detailed Google Doc of my current inventory, color-coded according to needs (regular, missing, needs tailoring, needs replacement). Here’s a screenshot of part of my spreadsheet:

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 7.07.48 PM

I don’t count loungewear, gym clothes, PJs, underwear, inner layers, or party clothes.  I know that’s lot of exclusions, but I wanted to count the things that I actually wear outside of the house on the regular. So here are the numbers:

Tops: 58

  • Tank: 6
  • Short-sleeved: 12
  • Long-sleeved: 11
  • Sweaters: 12
  • Sweatshirts: 6
  • Cardigans: 7
  • Light jackets: 4

Bottoms: 24

  • Jeans: 5
  • Pants: 5
  • Skirts: 6
  • Shorts: 3
  • Leggings: 5

Dresses: 20

  • Tank: 10
  • Short-sleeved:  5
  • Long-sleeved: 5

Shoes: 15

  • Boots: 6
  • Flats: 4
  • Sandals: 3
  • Sport: 2

Outerwear: 12

Bags: 11

TOTAL: 140

I feel pretty good about the total. I think it’s pretty reasonable, and since I started keeping track a few years ago, the total number has stayed roughly steady. The main areas I’d like to reduce are the shoes, since 15 pairs seems too many for one girl. Also, my outerwear count is pretty high for California where we don’t have 4 seasons, but that’s a holdover from my East coast days. I don’t want to get rid of my winter coats in case I need them some day.

Closet organization

Here’s a picture of my closet (not including undies, outerwear, shoes, or bags). I recently had to re-organize all my clothes to fit inside one closet, because my partner is finally moving in! It was a struggle to make everything fit, but I purchased some closet shelves (cheaper at your local Walmart) to make use of all the available vertical space. The wooden hangers I use are juniors wooden hangers, after I learned from Extrapetite that standard-sized hangers stretch out the shoulders of your clothes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.44.24 AM.png
Left side of the closet.
Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.44.42 AM.png
Right side of the closet.

The photos do show a significant amount of loungewear that’s not included in the count above. But I’m happy to have a lot of loungewear, because that’s what I prefer to wear at home, and it reflects my lifestyle.

Are you a closest numbers geek too? How do you organize your clothes?

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